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Significant Investor Visa

Significant Investor and Investor Visa

Mutual Limited offer a balancing investment option that meets the Complying Investment Framework (CIF) for the Investor and Significant Investor streams.

Mutual have been offering low risk funds to investors for over a decade and have always complied with the balancing investment restrictions.

Mutual Limited MCTDF is a complying investment for SI 1 Pre 2015 only.

Mutual Limited MIF is a complying investment (balancing investment) for SIV 1 Pre 2015, SIV 2 Post 1 July 2015 and Post 1 July 2021 IV & SIV.

Key features of the fund are:


(compliant for applications pre 30 June 2015)


• Cash fund with no mark-to-market
• 100% term deposits in big 4 banks – ANZ, CBA, NAB, WBC
• Pricing certainty through term deposits with cash holdings for liquidity
• Historical returns similar to a 6 month term deposit
• No derivatives
• No leverage
• Extremely low risk of loss – big 4 banks only


• Exposure to debt instruments offered by Australian ADI’s
• Minimum of 60% invested in the major banks
• The fund is managed to provide investors a high level of capital preservation
• Return objective is to exceed the AusBond Bank Bill Index +1.20% (net)
• Proven investment strategy delivering consistent returns
• Focus on FRN securities, providing protection against rising interest rates
• No derivatives, no leverage