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Security with          Performance

Established in 2009, Mutual Limited is a cash, credit and fixed income investment manager based in Australia and independently owned.


Mutual Limited is an active investment manager, with an investment approach that focuses on selecting securities that are considered creditworthy and offer the potential to deliver a reliable and safe return to investors. 

Mutual Limited has a long-term track record of performance and reliability across its investment strategies. We specialise in managing funds for investors that are either conservative, prudentially supervised or who operate subject to regulated investment regimes.

Our guiding principles


Transparent in pricing

Transparent in agenda

Acting in the investor's best interests

Providing defensive asset investment solutions

Our Journey
Partnership with Copia
Our purpose as a defensive asset manager is to offer investors a safe and predictable outcome, provide regular income and stability in capital.
Wayne Buckingham-Mutual Ltd_ProfileBooth-01963.jpg

Wayne Buckingham, Managing Director

Partnership with Copia


We are proud to partner with Copia Investment Partners, an independent multi-boutique investment management group.


Copia provides resources and infrastructure to support our team, including distribution and marketing services, enabling us to focus on delivering our investors superior long-term solutions.

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