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Unitholder Announcement: Change to Auditor

Dear unitholders,


In accordance with ASIC Regulatory Guide 26, we wish to advise that Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd has been appointed auditor of the Schemes effective 4 March 2024.


Our previous auditors, KPMG, were appointed our auditor in 2010 and have acted in the role for 13 years.  In considering the length of KPMG’s tenure, the Board decided to investigate other available alternatives.  A detailed external auditor selection and interview process was conducted, culminating with a recommendation that Grant Thornton be appointed as auditors of the both the Company and Schemes.


Throughout its period of appointment, KPMG provided valuable and professional external audit services to the Company, adhering to best practice standards of governance.  We are grateful to them for the services that they provided.  The board looks forward to Grant Thornton continuing to meet the external audit needs of Mutual Limited.


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