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Mutual Limited hires new Head of Credit

November 17, 2018

Mutual Limited is pleased to welcome Dean Italia as Head of Credit on 7th November 2018. Dean will oversee all Mutual Limited’s credit operations and will run Mutual’s new High Yield Fund to be launched shortly.

Dean holds an Honors Degree in Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) and has 20 years Financial Markets experience specialising in credit related instruments . Dean’s most recent role was Portfolio Manager, at Alexander Funds Management. In this role he was responsible for originating and structuring private debt opportunities and overall portfolio construction. In October 2018 Alexander Funds was awarded the best fixed income credit fund in Australia, an award received three times in the last five years. Dean brings to the Mutual team the ability to originate, structure and execute private debt opportunities, which will largely differentiate Mutual’s High Yield Credit Fund from others in Australia. Dean began his career working in the equity research department at Macquarie Bank and prior to Alexander Funds, worked in the Middle East managing the proprietary capital for a large family office.

About Mutual
Mutual has FUM of $2.8 billion, specialising in managing and advising on conservative investments for investors subject to regulated investment regimes. Mutual manages over $1.4 billion in retail funds via their two public funds, Mutual Cash (MCTDF) and Mutual Enhanced Cash (MIF).
For more information, please call Wayne Buckingham, Managing Director on 03 8681 1903.