Mutual Funds Information

Mutual is the Responsible Entity for the following funds:

Mutual Cash (MCTDF)

MCTDF offers investors access to a portfolio of the best term deposits offered by the major Australian banks with small cash holdings to provide Fund liquidity.

  • Cash fund with no mark-to-market
  • 100% term deposits in big 4 banks – ANZ, CBA, NAB, WBC
  • Pricing certainty through term deposits with cash holdings for liquidity
  • Consistently performing at 0.70% above cash
  • Historical returns similar to a 6 month term deposit
  • No derivatives
  • No leverage
  • Extremely low risk of loss – big 4 banks only


Mutual Enhanced Cash (MIF)

MIF offers investors access to a portfolio of debt instruments offered by the major Australian banks and ADIs with negligible interest rate risk by predominantly investing in assets that reset their base interest rate frequently (usually 90 days).

  • Low duration fund with little interest rate risk
  • Exposure to debt of Australian banks only
  • 60% of exposures in big 4 banks – ANZ, CBA, NAB, WBC
  • Debt securities only – no hybrids and no franking
  • Consistently performing at 1.50% above cash
  • 100% record of positive quarterly returns
  • Consistent cash flows above benchmark
  • No derivatives
  • No leverage
  • Credit risk limited to Australian retail banks – we do not buy investment bank securities


Mutual 50 Leaders Australian Shares Fund

50 Leaders offers investors exposure to the leading Australian companies from the S&P/ASX50.

  • Objective to outperform the S&P/ASX 50 Accumulation Index
  • Professional investment management utilising Mutual’s investment philosophy and stock identification techniques
  • Access to market opportunities generally not available to smaller investors