Our Investment Management and Advice services include:

    • assistance with investment policy formulation and maintenance;
    • advice and recommendations on:
– asset and liability management;
– liquidity and cash flow;
– risk immunisation strategies;
    • assistance with investment-related regulatory bodies
      (such as APRA, PHIAC, etc);
    • investment-related actuarial issues; and
    • investments in:
– Bonds
– FRNs
– Bank Deposits
– Hybrids
– Equities

Direct Bonds

  • Mutual provides access to Direct Bonds allowing investors to buy Bonds directly in their name. Full ownership lies with the investor.
  • Mutual is a Full Participant in ASX Austraclear (a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Ltd).
  • Clients can have access to independently audited certificates for different asset classes, which Mutual can arrange.
  • Assets settled under the Austraclear system include cash, bank bills, fixed interest securities (government, semi government and corporate bonds) and foreign exchange.

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